Why Have a Taste Test?

  • Opportunity to drink free coffee and socialize
  • See how your current coffee brand stacks up
  • Learn about our full range of products and services
  • Ask us about costs, benefits, or why our coffee is so delicious
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What are COffee Lovers are Saying?

Person pouring a hot cup of coffee

"We used that other popular local coffee service before switching to River Road. Absolutely no regrets. These folks produce a great product and back it with exceptional (I'm using the word exceptional here) customer service. Always freshest."

Michael Gullet | Baton Rouge

Person pouring a hot cup of coffee
man drinking coffee

We’ve been a River Road Coffees customer since 1999. The coffee is great and their friendly and professional service is awesome too. We are a small business but they have always made us feel like a valued customer. I highly recommend River Road Coffees for your business as well as your home.

Bill Magill | Excel Software Professionals. Ltd.

man drinking coffee

The Process for Your Taste Test


  1. Select a minimum of five participants
  2. Pick your current supplier’s coffee
  3. Participate in a blind, side-by-side taste test
  4. Determine a winner and discuss



Who Should be Involved

While it is entirely up to you to decide who will participate, we ask that at least one high-level financial decisionmaker be present, someone responsible for buying and ordering the coffee. Beyond that, feel free to invite all coffee lovers among your internal staff. Ask questions, get to know us, and, above all, enjoy some delicious coffee.

Still Need Some Convincing?

coffee cup

River Road Coffees is not just a tremendous community partner, they also serve a higher quality product than our previous local roaster.  Members and staff continually comment on the rich, flavorful coffee and we couldn’t be more pleased we made the switch.  

Kevin M. Broussard | Charles W Lamar, Jr. YMCA

coffee cup

Schedule Your Taste Test

If you’re ready to enjoy the pleasures of perfectly blended, smooth flavored River Road Coffee at your business, restaurant or facility, please contact us and a member of the River Road Coffees team will schedule a tasting at your convenience.

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  • Must include 5+ participants
  • We prefer mornings, if possible-that’s when most people enjoy their first cup of coffee!