Flavors to Satisfy Even the Most Discerning Tastes

At River Road Coffees, we believe there is more than one "perfect cup of coffee." Everyone has their own special tastes and preferences, and we strive to fulfill yours by offering a wide selection of coffees and teas to satisfy even the most discerning of drinkers!

Veteran Owned and Operated Label

Here’s what Roasts we’re serving up:

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

This region’s unique blend of natural elements impart a special character and flavor to these beans that can’t be found in any other growing regions. Today, most of this coffee is carefully grown and harvested on family-owned plots, and processed using distinctive, traditional techniques. 

C’est Bon – Organic

This distinct blend of 100% organic Arabica coffee from the world’s richest growing regions offers a full-bodied flavor experience. Roasted to a medium-dark color, C’est Bon’s smooth nutty flavors produce deep, earthy and high floral notes that slowly unfold and remind us of good times and great friends.

Decafeine – Organic

To create this delectable decafeine blend, we use a 100% chemical- free Organic Swiss Water and Mountain Water Treatment to decaffeinate the beans. The pure water slowly and gently removes the caffeine. This blend produces the same deep, earthy and high floral notes that give it and C’est Bon such a unique, flavorful taste.

Acadian (Available in Whole Bean & Ground)

Acadian is a perfect Columbian blend that is high-grown and roasted to a medium color. The clean and refreshing fruity aroma balanced with mild acidity is the pure essence of a luscious breakfast coffee.

Creole (Available in Whole Bean & Ground)

Our neighbors selected this balanced blend as their favorite coffee, and Creole is now a fan favorite of River Road customers. Filled with a round and smooth nutty flavor, the full-bodied select coffee beans are roasted medium-dark, and then ground perfectly. This indulgent coffee experience calls to mind a laid-back day sipping coffee on a breezy front porch.


Our unique roasting brings out the best flavors in this tastefully straightforward blend. Created from high-grown South American beans and roasted to a rich brown coloring, our Decaf blend indulges your senses with a beautiful accompaniment of aroma and taste.

French (Available in Whole Bean & Ground)

French is a bold version of the River Road’s Baton Rouge blend, roasted to dark perfection to ensure a luscious, chocolaty, and smoky taste. This deep, rich flavor is invigorating and alluring, with no bitter aftertaste.

Orleans Supreme

The refined and perfectly paired premium dark-roasted, hand-selected coffee beans and the finest imported chicory root are blended together to create a uniquely bold and velvety flavor. New Orleans is famous for combining coffee and chicory – to experience Southeast Louisiana flavors at their best, boil up some hot milk and add our Orleans Supreme.

Espresso Noir

Embrace the timeless charm of Italian espresso with our hand-selected blend of premium Arabica coffee beans that produce a rich golden crema. Roasted to a dark, full color, Espresso Noir has a divine chocolaty and smoky taste. This blend creates a wonderfully rich flavor without the burnt, bitter aftertaste of most commercial espressos.

Espresso Rouge

Experience espresso’s lighter side with a cup of our Espresso Rouge. The hand-selected blend of premium Arabica coffee beans produces a thick, rich, golden crema. Roasted to a medium-dark color, this blissful, flavorful blend of chocolaty and floral notes will excite the senses of the most experienced espresso drinkers. Our Espresso Rouge produces rich flavors that can blend easily with specialty coffee drinks or be enjoyed alone without the burnt bitter aftertaste of most commercial espressos.

River Road Coffees Full Roasted Coffee Line


River Roads Coffee Tea: Our signature tea is an orange pekoe blended specially by a Master Tea Blender. This pekoe cut black tea is designed for making the perfect cup of uniquely flavorful iced teas.

Glass of Ice Tea

In addition to our signature brew, we also offer Harney & Sons Teas in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Decaffeinated Ceylon
  • Earl Grey Supreme
  • Egyptian Chamomile
  • English Breakfast
  • Tropical Green
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Red Raspberry