Ground Coffee Packets 3.0 oz. 32 Count

$65.45 available on subscription

Available in French, Creole,
Acadian or Decaf.

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These coffee packets are perfect for brewing 32 (12 cup) pots of high-quality River Roads Coffee. Ideal for offices, businesses, restaurants, c-stores or even at home! Coffee Packets are available in our signature French, Creole, Acadian or Decaf blends. We also include coffee filters for your brewing pleasure.

French: A bold version of the River Road’s Baton Rouge blend that is roasted to dark perfection to ensure a luscious chocolaty, smoky taste. The deep rich flavor is invigorating and alluring with no bitter aftertaste.

Creole: Filled with a round and smooth nutty flavor, the full-bodied select coffee beans are roasted medium-dark, and then ground perfectly. This indulgent coffee experience reminds us of a relaxed plantation lifestyle.

Acadian: A perfect Columbian blend; high grown and roasted to a medium color. The clean and refreshing fruity aroma balanced with mild acidity is the pure essence of a luscious breakfast coffee.

Decaf: Created from high-grown South American beans and roasted to a dark-brown color our Decaf blend indulges your senses with a beautiful accompaniment of aroma and taste.

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French, Creole, Acadian, Decaf