Are you a hardworking person who loves to be around the smell of coffee?

Would lovingly grinding, roasting and bagging coffee be a dream come true?


Become a Production Assistant for River Road Coffee

If being reliable, accurate and steady is you, then get out your resume.

You’ll want to be a part of and help to grow Baton’ Rouge’s oldest family owned, prestigious River Road Coffee. You will join a team who is:

  • Hard working and who expects others to work hard with us.
  • Initiative takers who continuously work to improve ourselves,  our knowledge and skills
  • All team Players who want others to want to come to us for help with a problem.
  • A team who does the right thing, even when no one is looking
  • The Bearer of good Manners
  • Respect Others’ Time
  • Use terms like “Thank you” and “Yes Ma’am” and “No sir”
  • Hold the door open for guests, customers and each other
  • Do random acts of kindness

You can use your helpful and reliable nature to:

  • Roast coffee and follow cooking recipes for our best blends
  • Grind coffee
  • Package coffee including filling, labeling, sealing, and boxing (lifting 5ft and 15lbs on average)
  • Oversee facilities maintenance such cleaning and sweeping
  • Clean Equipment
  • Support the sales and delivery team.

You will use your natural skills of:

  • Basic Math
  • Lift 30 pounds overhead
  • Being mechanically inclined
  • Personal Organization
  • Helpfulness, positivity and willing to serve manners

 If this sounds like you, then we need you!

This job is full time from 6:00AM to 2:30 PM M-F

Annual salary of $29,000 plus Health, Dental and Vision Insurance,

2 Weeks paid vacation and 401K


*****You will not be considered for this job unless you complete the 3 step application process.****

Step one: Send your resume to:

Step Two: Click Here to proceed to our Job Survey

Step Three: Follow the instructions at the end of the Job Survey to our short Skills Quiz

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