The River Road Difference

We believe that every cup of coffee you drink should be your best cup — no matter how you make it! 

Allow your senses to escape to somewhere wonderful with River Road Coffees. We care about providing delicious, quality coffee in each and every golden bag that we deliver, which is why we combine the perfect pairing of high-quality beans and precision roasting.

"A lot goes into making a great cup of coffee. More goes into making a great coffee company."

-John Melancon, River Road Coffees Founder

Our Process

Collecting raw coffee beans at a Colombian farm - harvesting concepts

Bean Selection

It all starts with selecting and blending the best coffee beans. We seek out beans that will help us sustain our unique flavor and keep it true to its Louisiana roots. Only the finest Arabica coffees measured in the right amounts go into making the Baton Rouge Blend. However, picking the perfect coffees for our signature blend is no easy task. To enhance our expertise, our team works to constantly improve and expand our tasting palate by frequently cupping a variety of blends and roasts. Every country, every region, and every shipment of green coffee is different, so our roastmasters work with experts from each region to select beans that maintain our high standards of flavor consistency. Our suppliers know the high-quality beans we expect, and they help us narrow down our choices to the varieties that meet our exacting standards. We purchase the best green coffee bean varieties based on the ones that may produce the best flavors and aromas.


Our award-winning roastermasters watch the beans closely as they roast to the perfect temperature, checking methodically for the correct color throughout the process. “Crack, Snap, Pop, Crack” is heard throughout the standard-exceeding roastery as the shells pop off the beans. Once the beans roast to the exact color for that particular roast, they are released into the cooling tray. After patiently waiting for the beans to cool, we then determine if they will move on as fresh-roast whole bean or get poured into the grinder.

Quality Assurance

We perform in-house cuppings every Friday to ensure the River Road Coffees quality, taste, and aroma. We set out our coffee cups and saucers, water glasses and tasting spoons. We slowly pour the fresh coffee into each cup and take time to savor the aroma. Then we add boiling water, letting a cap form on the top of the hot water and trapping the sweet scent of the coffee below. The spoons are dipped into the coffee, turned over, lifted out of the cup, and smelled. Next, we taste the coffee and use the water glasses to clean our palettes. We sip and evaluate the different blends to ensure that we are delivering the River Road Coffees tradition of fragrant and delicious coffee in every batch.

Perfection Packaged

Whole bean or ground, we package each and every bag of freshly roasted coffee by hand to ensure perfection. As crisp as our ironed shirts, the edges of the bags are precisely sealed and flattened so that they are ready to be sent to your home or office. We mark each bag with a date to commemorate its production and highlight its freshness.

River Road Coffees Full Roasted Coffee Line

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